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The practice of Yoga is about awareness. Awareness of your body, breath, where you are in the moment.
The practice is about establishing a solid base with Hatha, the physical aspect of Yoga. Hatha is believed to help the body become stronger and more resistant to disease and injuries. The asanas (Sanskrit for poses or postures) stretch and strengthen the muscles, massage internal organs, promote relaxation, and increase circulation. People of all walks of life use yoga to keep their bodies tuned, muscles injury free, help their minds to focus on their goals and to achieve peace and harmony in their lives.

I. YAMA - Attitudes to cultivate towards others.
    1. Ahimsa - Non violence; not causing pain to any living being including ourselves.
    2. Satya - Truthfulness; mindful communication through speech, writings, gesture and action.
    3. Asteya - Non stealing; the ability to resist desire for that which does not belong to us.
    4. Bramacharya - Conservation of energy, including moderation in sexual relationships, for the pursuit of spiritual goals.
    5. Aparigraha - Non Greed; the ability to accept only what is appropriate.
II. NIYAMA - Attitudes to cultivate toward ourselves.
    1. Saucha - Purity; cultivating cleanliness of the body and mind; keeping even our surrondings clean.
    2. Santosha - Contentment; the ability to be comfortable with what we do and do not have.
    3. Tapas - Consciously accepting  mental and physical pain as purification and an opportunity to learn.
    4. Svadhyaya - Self study; study of spiritual teachings and their applications to our lives.
    5. Isvarapranidhanani - Self surrender; allowing ourselves to be guided by the Truth.

III. ASANA - The practice of physical postures with awareness, balancing effort and comfort, revitalizing the body.
IV. PRANAYAMA - The practice of breathing techniques leading to the enhancement of subtle energy flow, energizing body and mind.
V. PRATYAHARA - Education of the senses and the ability to withdraw them to achieve spiritual goals.
VI. DHARANA - Concentration; the beginning stages of learning to focus the mind.
VII. DHAYANA - Meditation; the steady continous flow of attention toward an object, such as the breath, a mantra or a sacred image.
VIII.  SAMADHI - Absorption; the complete union of the meditator with the object of meditation. The experience of Oneness with all creation. Bliss.